The second knighting ceremonies of this school year will take place next week.  The schools have been concentrating on the virtue of “DISCIPLINE”.  This is an event to make you feel joyous and hopeful that our youth will grow into responsible adults that understand and live by the 4-Way Test.  Plan to attend one ceremony. You will need to check in as a Rotarian at the Principal’s office and will be directed to the auditorium. It is divided into two groups with the youngest going first and the older kids immediately following.  You can attend both or even just a portion.  The entire program takes around 2 to 2-1/2 hours.
Please let let me know if you attend...this does count as a makeup.
This is the schedule for this week:
Tuesday, 10/30   DeLeon School.  1:30pm
Wednesday, 10/31  Aloe School - 8:00am
Thursday, 11/1  Schorlemmer - 8:00am
Thursday, 11/1  Rowland - 1:30pm
Friday, 11/2  Hopkins - 8:00am